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Uptown Saint John is now a #SaintAwesome dining out destination. Just outside the doors of your hotel are several historic blocks with casual to fine dining experiences waiting to be discovered.  Since the Uptown is a popular dining destination, we recommend reserving, particularly if you are dining out as a group.

Need some early inspiration?

Follow the links below to reserve your spot in one of our Port Saint John cruise terminal Venues catering partner restaurants. Remember, if you have a card from the ACPA 2017 Vancouver event, turn it in at one of these restaurants and have a beverage on us!

Church Street Steakhouse
Churchill’s Bar & Grill
Grannan’s Seafood & Grill
Italian by Night
Saint John Alehouse
Urban Deli (Day Time Only)

Still undecided?

Find details about other dining options at our restaurant desk at registration on September 11.

ACPA 2018

ACPA 2018